Participate In Purdue University's Health Communication Survey

A few weeks ago, I shared with you that Purdue University is working on a health communication study. Specifically, they’re looking to examine how information sharing behavior through online communities influences coping strategies among people with chronic conditions including cancer, diabetes, lupus, etc.

Purdue received a nice response after I posted their request (thanks to all of you), and they came back to me and asked if I wouldn't mind posting it again. It's their hope to try and reach those who were unable to participate the first time.

The study / survey is purely academic in nature and takes no longer than 5-7 minutes to complete. In the survey, they use the term "blog" to refer to any online activity where you might read or share information in communities such as blogs, internet forums, and discussion boards.

If you are interested in participating -- and regardless of whether you live in the United States, or around the world, you can take the survey here.

Purdue University hopes the findings of this study could lead to better management capacities of chronic diseases, as well as an increase in funding for research related to online communities.

If you choose to take the survey, thank you for doing so.

Until next time,